BeachBerry supports our  Armed Forces by providing a 15% discount to

 all Military Personnel.  Any customer in their Military Uniform or with a

valid Military ID card will receive the discount. Thanks for  all your Service

 to our Country!!!!! 

PoughkeepsiePoliceEmblem NYStatePoliceEmblem

BeachBerry supports all branches of law enforcement and

provides a 15% discount to all uniformed officers or anyone

with a valid law enforcement ID. Thanks for your Services!!!


BeachBerry supports all Town, City and Volunteer Fire

Department members and provides a 15% discount to all

members in uniform or with a valid ID. Thanks for your

community support!!!!!


Weekly School Discounts


Beachberry offers discounts to the local public schools and colleges during the school year.These discounts will rotate between the various schools on a weekly basis. Each Month theschools receiving the 15% discount will be posted on the BeachBerry Facebook page:



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