Interested in having your own BeachBerry Yogurt Hut ? We will guide you through the entire process from finding a Store Location, Lease Negotiations, Store Layout, Training and Store Opening. The Licensing agreement will  provide you with all the equipment and materials to build a Self Serve Yogurt Store matching the BeachBerry Layout. The Beachberry team will provide you with all the knowledge to operate your own personal store. Unlike other License agreements, Beachberry will give you the flexibility to add your own personal touches to the store and use your own distributors which provide the best service and prices in your area. The BeachBerry staff will assist to locate these distributors in your area. Most other License agreements require you to purchase directly from the Licensee in which a surcharge is added to every item purchased.

      Prior to your store opening, the BeachBerry team will provide you with training in an already existing BeachBerry location. Once your personal store is ready for opening, the BeachBerry team will be on-site to guarantee all facets of the store are completed  to our specifications. We will remain on-site for your store opening to make sure everything meets your expectations and you are comfortable with managing your store.

      So do not hesitate one more day. Contact BeachBerry today to set up an appointment to start your journey to opening your own Self Serve Paradise. We believe our store design is unique in this industry and will provide you with the advantage  to excel in the rapidly expanding Self Serve Yogurt arena. You can call Anthony or Ray at 845-297-9400 or send an email to anthony@BeachBerryYogurtHut.com



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